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Stage, Screen & Me is a place for my friends, family and the world at large to find my work.  Here I can leave descriptions of the scripts I've written.  The menu is at the top, where you can find out where to see my plays performed, and news about other related activities.  So glad to see you.    Welcome. - Dave D.



October 2022

I'm at that "almost there" pocket on this script.  Excitedly anticipating first reads from some of my dearest friends in local readers' groups.  If all goes well, the script will be ready for submissions and distribution.   For details and synopsis, see the FULL LENGTH page of the website in the menu at the top.


"Stay safe.  Stay active. Stay you."


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This is the best way to contact me.  I will not use your email address for any unsolicited emails.  I do have a list of dear friends who have asked me to keep them apprised of upcoming events.  If you'd like to be included, just mention it in your message.

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