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I have always been a fan of board games.  Through the years there have been some very special times gathered around a classic like Monopoly, Clue, or Sorry.  I also spent a lot of time with Role Playing Games, with my favorite aspect being story creation.   With the help of websites that let creative people translate game ideas into real games, I'm able to design my games as I create them.  One game is published and available, with two in progress.  I hope to keep this up.   So satisfying watching friends and family, and now everyone gathering to play something I've worked on.  

Since my artistic talents do not extend to the visual arts, I look to collaborate with artists and graphic designers who are interested in illustrating my games.  If you would like to help a casual game maker out, contact me and we can start a conversation.   I have plenty of ideas not listed here.  

Forever Homes

Visual Collaborator:  Currently Seeking

In Progress

Designing a game where kids can play and connect with friends, Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Grammas and Grampas.   Players foster pets from the local shelter, and visit homes in the neighborhood to find out what kind of pet would fit with that family.  They win by placing the most pets.  (Pets will be depicted by actual pets of my family and Facebook friends.  Below is the adorable Pia, my brother Tim's loyal companion.)


Memoirs of Wroth City : Interception

Visual Collaborator:  Justin Diemert

Released August 23, 2020

Writer / Director Justin Diemert has created a detailed world dripping with style and mystery, along with some rich characters to populate it.  He allowed me to design a game around his Independent Screen Series, and then proceeded to flesh out the look of each component I presented.  Cards, Board, the works.  We collaborated on the rules and conducted test play events to test them.   More about this game can be found by clicking the image.

BOX TOP 1.jpg

Butts In The Seats

Visual Collaborator:  Currently Seeking

In Progress

Having been a local actor for more than 40 years, I've been privy to many approaches to making a Community Theater successful.  In this game players strive to have the most successful season of shows for their Community Theater group.  They choose venues, type of shows, calendar dates, promotional methods, community interaction, ticket prices, fundraising options, budgets, and all the rest.  At the end of the game, it's not who has the most money, but who has benefited the community best while maintaining or exceeding their current assets.   I am in the process of reaching out to area theater groups to learn all the tricks and approaches they use.  I hope this becomes a game my fellow theater folks will enjoy while learning a few things to help their efforts in the real world.


Ghosts and Hosts

Visual Collaborator:  Justin Diemert 

Last Quarter 2021

The old theatre downtown is said to be haunted.   It hasn’t been explored in years.  A group of Paranormal Empaths decide to help the ghosts who have been trapped in the theatre move over to their new lives.  They will use a new technique they are calling “Willing Possession”.  Players allow themselves to be possessed by a tormented soul stuck between this world and the next, so they can help them find what they wanted to bring with them.  Players take on the persona of the ghost, explore the under-stage maze of rooms to find the items that mean the most to the spirit they are hosting.  Maybe a ring.  Maybe a hairbrush.  Maybe a piece of a costume.   Then they make their way to a portal to cross over.  The player who assists the most wayward souls before all the portals close wins the game.  Beware, there is a chance you will be possessed by a demon.  Then you are out to take those souls for yourself.



Visual Collaborator:  Currently Seeking.


Not really a board game, but along those lines.  Any artist has a connection to worlds beyond the physical.  My experiences have been profound and have guided me through the best and worse times of life.  I'm creating a deck that will parallel the tarot, but specifically speak to performing artists.   Sometimes a deck like this can better direct an actor away from caustic distractions and toward enlightened inspiration.   This item will be the first to be offered through Stage, Screen, and Me.  Looking forward to the journey.

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