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The Baroness of the Bijoux

My 3rd full length play is roughed out and is being made presentable for local reader groups to try out.

It is the story of Candice LeFleur, known as the Baroness of the Bijoux.  The play shows the meeting between the 1930's stage diva and her biggest fan, Doris, a young woman suffering from a debilitating illness.   Doris envelopes herself in white lace and soft make-up. She reads every book on Candice, emulating her celebrity idol.  Doris lives in the here and now, though, so their meeting is not what she would expect.  She discovers the desperate story of how Candice is able to inhabit the present after her death in the local theatre so many years ago.  Audiences are on hand when the dressing room of the legendary actress is unsealed, and terrible secrets are revealed.  Gruesome secrets.  Shocking secrets.  Deadly secrets.

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