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(Intended for Zoom online performance)

2 MALE  1 FEMALE + 1 FEMALE (voice only)

24 Pages      20-30 minutes

Selected and performed by Ridgedale Player's VIRTUAL ONE ACTS: THE SEQUEL Apr. 23-24, 2021

I was asked to adapt and revise my play, "Existence" for the Zoom format.   The story has been changed to play specifically onscreen using Zoom.  For a general synopsis, please see the ONE ACTS page of this website.


Searching The Net

2021 Drama

A 10 minute rescue

1 Female + 1 Male

8 pages   10 minutes

Zoom friendly

A worried daughter connects with her missing father over the phone and finds out that some memories last forever, and some don’t.   While her husband is on his way to collect him, she listens to her dad introduce the pile of plush toys he has found in his childhood attic.    She remains calm  and humors him now that she knows help is on the way.  Then the smoke appears.


Light drama


12 pages      15 minutes

Selected and performed by Rosedale Community Players for their Virtual One-Act Festival May 2021

Vic is particularly good at his job as Casting Director at Paramount.  The Director of the film he’s working on has decided to move up an important scene to the following day.   As he auditions actors for the shoot using Zoom for convenience, up on the screen appears Vicky for her first Hollywood audition.  The ensuing conversation reveals the dangers of assumption, the triviality of fears, and the absolute enormous value moments of human interaction have over speeding to the next obligation.   All of this is made completely clear when Vicky gives an unexpected delivery of the audition piece she was originally there to perform.

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