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Dave Durham

I began writing scripts later in life, when I was approached to write something for a one-act festival being created at a local community theatre.    That was my first script,  Royally Touched.  The success of that one-act play led to all the rest.   Other successes and awards followed.   I am happy to be approaching  retirement now from my day job in the Auto Industry.   I look forward to devoting myself full time to my creative side.  

I prefer writing for entertainment, but no play is released without a message folded carefully into it.   I relish diversity, and try very hard to create characters that can be played by actors from many walks of life.   So far, many of my plays include LGBTQ+ characters in particular.   I also look to create non-traditional characters of all gender identities.  You can also find parts for many races, religions, and ages.  We all live here after all.  We all should see ourselves included in the stories told.  

I live in Michigan, and my plays have primarily been staged in this state.  I realize how carefully theatre companies choose their scripts, so when I hear one of mine has been selected,  I am profoundly grateful that it found its way to production.    

I hope to see you in the audience one day.  Yep, I sit in on as many performances as I can.  I am always brought to tears with pride and gratitude.

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