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2019 - COMEDY

Winner of the Community Theatre Association of Michigan's (CTAM) 2020 PLAYWRITING CONTEST

Premiered January 2022

Rosedale Community Players

Southfield, Michigan


11-19 players

(11)  7 m + 4 f

(19)  7 m + 4 f +  7m/f + 1 m/f (voice only)

85 pages    2 Acts      90 minutes

Jerry enjoyed retirement for about a minute.  His retirement buddy, and house mate Fran has to now hear him complain about the boring life he has ended up with.  Giving in to a repetitive daytime TV ad, he sends in for a genealogy review.  Things heat up when the FBI delivers the world changing results.  As news spreads, his life now has to accommodate TV reporters in his living room, foreign spies, security guards, pilgrims on the porch, clergy in the dining room, professional escorts, and Aunt Sylvia - a bigger than life mystery herself.   Everyone wants a piece of him - literally.  All this forces Jerry to choose his lane.   What does he really have faith in?  What has he been missing that would make retirement a new beginning instead of a drawn out end?  Oh, and the Pope is on the way.   Audiences have the opportunity to watch the hilarious way all these elements string themselves together to raise Jerry’s appreciation for what used to be mundane.

Written more for a modest playhouse.  Set is the front room of a two story home with a living and dining area.  Plenty of room for first time actors, or even the crew can portray "porch people" visible occasionally with no lines.  



Based on Dave's One-Act, DEAR ME

2nd Place Winner of the Community Theatre Association of Michigan (CTAM) 2021 PLAYWRITING CONTEST 


11-18 players

(11)  7m + 4f

(18)  14 m + 4f

109 pages     2 Acts    From 1:45 - 2:00 hours

After grieving the loss of his life partner, Wesley is struggling to find a direction or purpose in life.    He is lost in limbo between memories of Paul and resentment toward condemnation by society and his religious sister, Sandy.  Ironically, it is Sandy who approaches Wesley with a lifeline.  She needs him to mentor his estranged niece Amanda as she attends college nearby his home.  On a trial sleep over, Amanda rekindles her childhood connection to her Uncle.  She is introduced to Paul’s Mom Bobbie, and their son Dex, who is immediately taken with his cousin.  The play culminates in a surprise reunion of Wesley’s friends from his old neighborhood club, “The Brazen Hussy”, arranged by Amanda conspiring with Dex and her best friend Todd.  It is quite a party until Sandy shows up unexpectedly, followed by the Dean of the college!  Awkward.  Wesley is then put in a position that demands he abandon diplomacy and finally, without apology, own his existence, his love, and his dignity.   "Back to the Brazen Hussy" is a celebration of sardonic humor, diversity, and the universal value of family.

This was written as a full stage production with a compliment of sets, lights, sound, and includes two short drag show segments.  As a friend put it perfectly, this story has the scale and feel of a Broadway musical, only no one spontaneously breaks out in song.





3 ANY GENDER + 2F & 2M

92 pages    2 Acts      102 minutes

For years the Bijoux Theatre has been rumored to be haunted by its founder, Candice LeFleur.   The very same Candice LeFleur who became America’s darling as a stage actress.   She captured Broadway and toured the world, landing as permanent resident artist at the local Bijoux theatre.  One evening, she disappeared, leaving a final suicide note which was a surprise to everyone.  Out of respect, her dressing room was sealed up, and served as a hidden mausoleum through decades of changes for the theatre.  At long last it is time to unseal history, and the media company who just bought the theatre for restoration is inviting one special fan to witness the event.  Doris is suffering from a debilitating condition, and is an expert on all things Candy LeFleur, the Baroness of the Bijoux.     She comforts herself for hours researching and fantasizing about the life and times of Ms. LeFleur.   Doris is about to get an unexpected audience with the not-departed Baroness, and all will find out how a bitter diva survives decades beyond expectations.  The story is horrific and tragic.  Her vengeance, however, is hindered by the possibility to once again take the stage.

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