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6 MALE - 1 FEMALE (voice only)

34 pages      30-40 minutes

After being best friends in all things fantasy and sci-fi, Peter and Sheila are getting married!  However, after his bachelor party we find Peter feeling a bit inadequate and his feet are a little chilled.  He calls to confess his fears to Sheila in a drunken spray of emotions.  After she reassures him and says goodnight, he is visited by some unexpected guests – four storybook Princes there to tell Peter the truth about their “happily ever afters.”  Are they there to reassure Peter? Or to talk him out of marriage?!  You be the judge.

Set can be black box with furniture and props all the way up to a full apartment space.




36 pages     30-40 minutes

2014 - People's Choice Award - Rosedale Community Players One-Act Festival

2015 - Best New Work - Michigan AACTFest

2015 - Audience Choice Award - Michigan AACTFest

2020 - First Place - 42nd annual Dubuque Fine Arts Players One-Act Playwriting Contest

Wesley was Mandy’s favorite Uncle growing up, but she’s never understood why he stopped being such a big part of her life.  Now she is about to attend the college right down the street from her Uncle.  Mandy’s Mom has asked Wesley to watch her for an evening while she tends to some family business, which gives them a chance to catch up.  After a slow start overcoming the generation gap between them, they soon realize that family secrets meant to protect have done more harm than good.  It really hits home when Uncle Wesley finds out about Mandy’s final essay she has to write for her high school Social Studies class. It is a "Dear Me" letter.    At the beginning of the play we are introduced to two souls at a time in their lives when they both feel alone and isolated, but by the end they discover that family is forever – and that breaking out of lies and appearances can be what creates the strongest bonds of all.

Written to be played on a set depicting the front room of a high rise condo.



2019 DRAMA

2 MALE  1 FEMALE + 1 FEMALE (voice only)

20 pages     20 minutes 

Professor Hembree lost his wife recently.  Their daughter, Nora, has been deployed somewhere unknown in service to the country, and has no idea.  For all Nora knows, she has had her weekly talks with Mom uninterrupted, and still calls for advice and comfort.  The method of maintaining the existence of Bonnie Hembree has been a closely kept secret and will soon be a consumer product available to the public. Hembree's lawyer has closed that deal, so he can now finally RIP himself.  Everything is going smoothly until Nora decides to surprise her Mom with a birthday visit home.   Is the fan on?   Because something is about to hit it.  Once a person leaves, as anyone who has lost a loved one knows, their existence does not end, but lingers on in countless ways.

Requires SFX Sound and Props, but can be played black box or on a set depicting the front room of a small, modest ranch home.





11 pages       10 minutes

SELECTED Rosedale Community Players One Act Festival - May, 2022

Reg has noticed signs in the neighborhood advertising his neighbor's summer driveway sale.  They've had this sale as long as Reg can remember.  He pays his usual visit only to find Jan in the driveway behind a table with one white t-shirt to sell, and nothing else.  There MUST be a story behind this, but Reg can't get it out of her no matter how he approaches the question.  Audiences may perceive an issue with Jan at first, but it is Reg who's beginning to become unhinged.  

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